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Clean Our Car waterless car wash was inspired automobile enthusiasts who enjoy looking at a car and goes WOW for its perfect and shimmering look!! For most city dwellers, your car goes everywhere with you and everyone notices your car. A clean and shiny car will make the very first impression even before you speak. But, keeping the car in such good condition can be annoying with your busy schedule, either to drive and wait at the service station or even to do it yourself. This inspired us to bring the Car Wash to You! Whilst we bring convenience to your doorstep, through your subscriptions, we together can do more good by saving our precious and LIMITED water resource.

We provide the most efficient, convenient, reliable and customer-friendly service all around Mysuru.

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Popular Questions

Will waterless car wash scratch my car paint?

No, the surfactants in our formula help remove the dirt and suspend it from the car’s surface. It creates a thin film between the paint surface and the dirt, which helps clean the substrate without scratching it.

What if my car is extremely dirty?

Our compound dilutes the Mud, Salt or Sand rather than dissolving them. It contains active agents which lift dirt and grime from the pores, encapsulating it making the surface easier to clean.

How often should I get my car washed?

Once in a week is ideal, as our 3 in 1 waterless car wash solution contains wax that is anti-static and hydrophobic. It prevents the deposit of dirt and water on the paint surface until the next wash.

Does the polish/spray protect the surface from UV rays?

Yes, the polish or spray on the dashboard, trim, and the surface is a dual-acting protectant cum shiner. It contains natural wax which protects against dirt and UV rays preventing fading of plastic and fiber parts.

Quality of Service

A perfect replacement for water wash is the need of the hour. We have a better replacement for water wash which is not only eco-friendly but also helps save water.

  • Wash At Home
    50 %
  • Regular Wash
    70 %
  • Clean Our Car Waterless Car Wash
    90 %